Chapter 136 Suffering


As Lassen and Luna entered the premises, they were surprised by the extend of the property. 

There was a weird atmosphere around the mansion, partly because a heavy mist that gathered around it at night. 

[What's ...... This place is ......] 

[It's just like a forest type dungeon.] 

Fruit trees were everywhere they could see.

Lassen had heard stories that some nobles were plagued with grapes trees growing at their home, but she didn't know about a house with a garden with so many fruit trees.

「There is no point in stopping now. Let's start exploring immediately」 

Lassen advances towards the center of the garden aiming at the mansion. 

「What's……? This tree is……? Strange fruits seems to be growing」

What caught Lassen's attention  was the《Divine Tree》which had grown from the items they brought back from the Cait Sith Village.

Fruit of rejuvenation
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 
(Reduces the actual age by 1 year.  The effect is permanent.) 

The Divine Tree which has rare fruits attached such as the 《Rank 7 Rare Item 《Rejuvenation Fruit》》moved a heartstrings in Lassen who is in the information business. 

「Uhh. This is the Divine Tree, a legendary tree from the Cait Sith Village. Originally it is said that it grew by planting the seed that our ancestor brought back from the interior of a dungeon. Because the item can be sold at various high prices, It's the village's vital source of income」

「……Wait a minute! Why such a thing is growing in Yuuto-kun house's garden!」 

「About that……。 I wonder the same thing」(It's the same for me) 

I expected to discover something by sneaking into the mansion but――。 
But in Lassen the mystery that is Yuuto kept deepening. 



Before they knew it, Lassen and Luna were surrounded. 

Usually the pair was able to sense the presence of demons, but they were distracted by the surrounding tress and were careless. 

Around the girls there was a whole army of skeletons with a number exceeding 20. 

「Why are demons in such a place……!?」 

「Let's have the full story later. First of all we have to break through this encirclement」 

Mysterious Fire Gun
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆ 
(The weapon absorbs magical power from the atmosphere and then emits fire attribute magic.)  

After taking the gun out from the holster, Lassen fires towards the feet of the skeletons. 

Rank 5 Rare item《Mysterious Fire Gun》emitted a flame spheres towards the skeletons which cause them to falter. 


Half Moon's Demon Sword
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆ 
(Similar to the crescent moon the sword is bended backwards. It's sharpness is strengthened by enchanting it with magical power)

When Luna pulls out hes "Half Moon's Demon Sword" from the sheath, she quickly slash at the skeletons. (6) 

「……Danm it! One after another!」

「Senpai! There is no end to this!」 

The number of skeletons that guarded the mansion reached as many as 50. (7) 
Because the skeletons were undead, they have the habit to revive again and again, they couldn't be disposed of unless a certain 《 Core 》 bone was stripped.

「Let's withdraw. Apparently we.……seem to have step into a devil boundary that we shouldn't.」 


The time to gather information information was over. check 
Lassen and Luna judged so, slipping through the siege of the skeletons and attempt to escape from the residence. 


A huge dragon that exceeded 8 meters in length blocked their way. 

「It's a dra, dragon..…!?」 

Among the existing demons, the creature known as dragon was known as one of the strongest species. 

Among them, the Blair Dragon, which has a powerful fire breath attack, had a strong combat capability even compared to other dragons. 

Lassen instantly grabbed her 《Mysterious Fire Gun》and fired towards the dragon. 

The flame spheres that were shot in succession were somehow just blocked by the scales of the Blair Dragon. 

The Blair Dragon, who is good at flame breath attacks, also had an abnormally high resistance level against fire attributes. 

Immediately after that. 
All of a sudden Lassen's vision went dark. 

It was a while until she realized that her body was trapped in the mouth of the Blair Dragon. 

「Ku……! What's this……!? This is.......!?」 

Inside the mouth of the Blair dragon there was a terrible smell to the extent that she couldn't breathe in. 

Lassen which continue getting the severe smell, gradually has his consciousness fade away. 

「Dragg! Dragon! Release my senpai!」 

Luna, who witness Lassen's struggle, quickly grabbed her 《Half Moon's Demon Sword》 and slashed towards the Blair Dragon 


Immediately after vines from a plant covered her body. 

The 《Tree Incarnation》was created by the skill 《Soul Creation》 taken from Thanatos. One of it's vines tightened in Luna's neck. 

「Can't, Breath……」 

She reached to her sword to free herself, but it has been already taken by the vines. 

(Wh、What is this.......this demon……。 a species I have never seen at all-desu……) 

With her fading consciousness, Luna finally thought of such a thing. 


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